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Mitchell Silver continued …
In 1974-1975 while in college at University Wisconsin, Madison my field of study was South Asian Studies and I devised an independent major within the department entitled “Appropriate Technology with Practical Application for Nepal”. I approached an engineering professor about doing some independent study work with him on hydraulic ram pumps. I was convinced they would be very useful for village water systems in Nepal and told him why. He had me make the same pitch to his junior engineering class of about 30 students, and then asked his students who was interested in the project. When the entire class responded positively, he put me in charge of the class for the rest of the year.

Later that semester some members of the Nepal parliament were visiting Madison and I was taking one around as I was in second year Nepali language class. I told him about hydraulic ram pumps and how they did not require electricity to pump water uphill that I wanted a chance to volunteer working in village Nepal to see if the concept was viable and he told me to write up a one page proposal. I did and a few months later was invited to work in Nepal by the Prime Minister.
I worked it all out with the university deans, took a few more required classes, some more Nepali language and left for Nepal a few months later. I was given a year’s visa and assigned to work with His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Department of Drinking Water and Sewerage.

After my first successful installation of a hydraulic ram in a village, I was hired by UNICEF. I worked with them for a year doing more hydraulic ram pump installations in several villages and wrote a manual on them for UNICEF that ultimately went into a least three printings – here is link to an online copy: http://www.fastonline.org/CD3WD_40/JF/422/14-362.pdf

Subsequent to the UNICEF job, I was hired by UNDP/FAO to install some water systems for them and after that was hired as a contractor to do the civil works for a hydroelectric project for a sheep project in a remote region of western Nepal.

ITDG (Intermediate Technology Development Group) hired me to work in Hunza Pakistan to train local water mill experts how to improve traditional water mills so they could grind sufficient grain before winter cold froze their streams.

Save the Children hired me to work in Bhutan to repair and design 2 water systems.

Canadian Aid contracted me to design the logistics of building an all terrain vehicle project in Western Nepal.

There were several other projects that I was hired to work on as well by other organizations.

During the later 70’s I formed a company in Kathmandu with a local machinist Akkal Man Nakarmi (who own Kathmandu Metal Industries) and locally made a Pelton wheel hydroelectric turbine which we installed the prototype on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. We made the front page of the Rising Nepal newspaper (the only English paper in Nepal at the time). He has gone on to build 300 turbines and win awards for his work in hydro-power generation.

Currently I am self employed as a professional photographer with experience as a documentary film maker – Produced and directed “Journey to the Hidden Valley” – 2009 documentary involving a return to a sacred hidden monastery on the Tibetan border.

President of Silver Software, Inc.: 25 years experience as a computer programmer, internet web designer and photographer.

Language expertise: Nepali – fluent / Tibetan – limited / Chinese – limited

If you’d like to contact me directly you may email me: silver at maui2000.com

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  1. Very nice looking Blog. (Just started tp look around). Looks like it was done by a professional webpage developer. Oh wait a minute, you are one.

    • Very nice work. I am impressed by your activities conducted in several areas of Nepal and also in abroad. I am also engaged in solar photovoltaic sector since a decade and conquering lots of field as a promoter and company name is Luniva Energy P.Lt. Why not we join together to light up the village and its people! You can dcontact me at madan_khadka@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Mitchell, It’s been a while since we last saw you in Juneau. Bob and I are still here in Juneau– grandparents to 3 and working on peace and justice issues, etc. I’m still working my psychothrapy practice and Bob is retired. All is well and hope you and family are thriving. I read all about your nepal project and love it! We were in India recently for 6 wks. at our former Peace Corps village and Buddhist monesteries. Warmly, Elaine

  3. I feel driven and inspired by this project Mitchell. Keep lighting up people’s lives and hope to connect again in KTM. Best, Tori

    • Hope to see you again soon in Kathmandu or the mountains.

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