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Mitchell Silver – I have been either working, living or trekking  in the Himalayas since 1971. My love for the people and the region inspired me to undertake this village lighting project.
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Akkalman Nakarmi – An extraordinary engineer in Kathmandu Nepal. He is the recipient of the 1982 Rolex Innovation Award. He has developed practical and affordable water power solutions for electrification and agricultural power technology for over 40 years. He is the President of Kathmandu Metal Industries. He will manufacture the turbine and generator set if we use hydropower.

Peter Metcalf and Black Diamond Equipment Ltd. The manufacturer and donor of the LED lanterns we will be using for this prototype project. Peter Metcalf is the CEO of Black Diamond.

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  1. Very nice looking Blog. (Just started tp look around). Looks like it was done by a professional webpage developer. Oh wait a minute, you are one.

    • Very nice work. I am impressed by your activities conducted in several areas of Nepal and also in abroad. I am also engaged in solar photovoltaic sector since a decade and conquering lots of field as a promoter and company name is Luniva Energy P.Lt. Why not we join together to light up the village and its people! You can dcontact me at madan_khadka@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Mitchell, It’s been a while since we last saw you in Juneau. Bob and I are still here in Juneau– grandparents to 3 and working on peace and justice issues, etc. I’m still working my psychothrapy practice and Bob is retired. All is well and hope you and family are thriving. I read all about your nepal project and love it! We were in India recently for 6 wks. at our former Peace Corps village and Buddhist monesteries. Warmly, Elaine

  3. I feel driven and inspired by this project Mitchell. Keep lighting up people’s lives and hope to connect again in KTM. Best, Tori

    • Hope to see you again soon in Kathmandu or the mountains.

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