Uniqueness of the Project:

  • Village wide implementation
  • High quality state of the art LED lanterns
  • High quality NiMH batteries which are rechargeable hundreds of times
  • Sustainability designed into project by using renewable resources and charging villagers an amount that will insure sufficient finds for replacement batteries and solar panels or maintenance when needed
  • Lighting project integrated with other village improvements after meeting and discussing village needs with the villagers
  • Professionally documented. Accessibility to the village in one day promotes follow-up documentation.
  • Planned as a woman’s based cooperative project
  • Centralized cooperative charging in the village
  • High “bang for the buck” results
  • Separate solar units forces every owner to get their lantern in unobstructed sunlight every day without any backup power on cloudy or rainy days. This system avoids those problems.
  • There is a cost savings and increased reliability by having a centralized larger solar panel with a deep discharge battery providing several days of backup.
  • The necessity for community cooperation provides the opportunity for better community relations and the ability to apply revenue from the project to other community determined and designed development projects.
  • The village centrally located solar panel unobstructed (unshaded) by design and its location optimized for solar orientation.
  • The cooperative model of a single solar unit also has potentially lower maintenance with less functioning parts in each lighting unit

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