The Future

Project Replication and the Future:

What goes around come around

If successful, this project should be in demand for replication in other locations in the Himalayas as well as other regions. Different locations and cultures will no doubt require different organizational structures for the village cooperative or social structure. I expect clever villages to find unexpected uses for the batteries and the lanterns as well as the charging station. They will no doubt find new and unique ways to break the technology and strain the social organization.

The process and the technology will need to be dynamic. There is the possibility, given future possible demand, to have the power source (whether solar or hydroelectric), batteries, chargers and lanterns all prepackaged from a central location. Economies of scale would lower the costs and providing more benefit for everyone.

If this prototype project turns out to be replicable, the next step may call for a 501c3 nonprofit organization. A partnership with a non government organization, perhaps coupled with government subsidies are also possibilities.

Fundraising for offsetting the cost to villagers and covering overhead could be a key component. Grants, online donations, employee and or corporate fund matching, as well as equipment donations from manufacturers would all be welcome. Partnerships with charitable foundations and involvement with visionary corporations is already underway.

Please let me know if you have an interest in this project. This project has the potential to bring light and other benefits to many children and adults that are now using expensive, inefficient and polluting kerosene lights. I have much more detailed information available if needed. Contact me.

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