Posted by: Mitch Silver | March 22, 2010

Pilot project installation completed – Success!

I’m just back from Namarkhu village. Initially we worked with the mothers  group and the other village leaders to determine the needs of the village.  More  meetings were held to organize and allocate responsibility for the project. We then went to get the solar hardware lanterns and returned a day later to install the central solar charging station. The next day we handed out lanterns to all 58 households in the village. The village cooperation was fantastic and you could feel the villager’s excitement when they got their lanterns. Other neighboring villages have already requested lighting projects and the Namarkhu villagers have requested an additional lantern for each household. Perhaps the biggest problem over the last 10 days was dealing with all the invitations from almost every household for tea, snacks, dinner and rakshi (local distilled drink made from millet). There was traditional Gurung singing and dancing every evening. Details to follow soon with images.


  1. Way to go Mitch! Watch out for that rakshi. Look forward to the images.

  2. Mitch,
    You’ve discovered true Gurung hospitality. But, watch out for the liquid lightning! It’ll knock all your lights out (to coin a pun!)…!

  3. Wow, Mitchell! This is all so incredible. Congratulations on completing your project and impacting so many lives. This is a wonderful project and an inspirational story.

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